How to evaluate testers


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During the Analysis phase, testers or test analysts are responsible for reviewing the requirements that were delivered by the business analysts team. This phase is critical because a cognitive and extensive review of the requirements will result on minimizing the risk of unexpected defects or omissions during the SDLC Cycle. Also in this phase, test …

How to Run iMacros from Batch file

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Lets begin with a short description of iMacros plugin. This plugin lets you record and replay repetitious work. Some features of the iMacros plugin are the following: Automatically fill-out forms just like an end-user would. You can easily download and upload of text, images, files and web pages, handle PDF files, or take screenshots. Import …

How to Create Dynamic reports from Bugzilla in Excel

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Bugzilla tracking system has its own reporting feature. However these queries have to be executed in Bugzilla system. The user has to make the queries from the Search feature or by saving the queries on Bugzilla. However for creating a dynamic report from Excel the following procedure can be followed. Create a text file in …