How to Create Dynamic reports from Bugzilla in Excel

Bugzilla tracking system has its own reporting feature. However these queries have to be executed in Bugzilla system. The user has to make the queries from the Search feature or by saving the queries on Bugzilla.

However for creating a dynamic report from Excel the following procedure can be followed.

  1. Create a text file in C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Data Sources
  1. Rename text file to .iqy extension
  1. Modify .iqy file as the attachment

  1. Open Excel and navigate to Data – Existing Connections

  1. From the pop-up window select the query file you want to import

  1. Select where the data should be put and press OK

  1. System will fetch all Bugzilla results to the Excel workbook

      8.  Now select Data -> Properties

9.Click on your desired refresh properties.

10.Save your excel file and get in sync!



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